Who We Are

Welcome to For Family By Family, where community collaboration is our guiding principle for fostering positive change.  As a Community Collaborative Impact Partner (CCIP), Our core mission is to cultivate a lasting positive impact by championing sustainable development and enhancing overall community well-being. Through strategic partnerships with organizations and businesses, we orchestrate impactful events that provide the community with access to vital resources. By collaborating closely with businesses, we ensure that the community receives essential resources and information while helping businesses effectively engage with and serve the community.


Recognizing the challenges posed by barriers to resource accessibility and effective community engagement, we strive to bridge these gaps through our collaborative efforts. Our aim is to foster a more resilient, connected community where every individual can thrive and contribute to collective prosperity.

Join us in building a legacy of positive impact and shared success.

The Community


We believe the importance of a community lies in its ability to provide support, connection, and a sense of belonging. A community is a shared space where individuals come together, pooling their strengths and resources to create a network that fosters collective well-being. It is in the community that we find understanding, encouragement, and the power to overcome challenges. By celebrating diversity, embracing collaboration, and fostering a sense of unity, communities become the foundation for positive change, personal growth, and a brighter, more interconnected future for all its members.


Being collaborative with businesses and companies means recognizing the power of collective effort and shared expertise. It's about fostering a spirit of partnership and working together towards common goals. By combining strengths, ideas, and resources, collaboration creates a synergy that transcends individual capabilities. It's a pathway to innovation, efficiency, and shared success, ultimately contributing to a thriving and interconnected community. In collaboration, businesses can become catalysts for positive change, driving collective impact, and creating a more resilient and prosperous future for all.

Our Vision

For Family by Family is dedicated to driving positive change by fostering collaboration among local stakeholders to address community challenges and enhance involvement

Our Mission

For Family by Family is dedicated to driving positive change by fostering collaboration among local stakeholders to address community challenges and enhance involvement.

How you can help


Together, we're committed to our families, community, supporters, and you, leveraging collective action to amplify our impact. Your donations root our success. Join us in nurturing a thriving community for all.


Thank you for generously volunteering your time with For Family By Family. Your willingness to give your time and service is greatly appreciated and vital to our mission. Your support allows us to continue serving people in our community each year.


With your company or organization joining us at our upcoming event and collaborating on projects and community outreach, we can make a difference in Northern Kentucky. Interested in becoming our official sponsor? Reach out to us. Your support strengthens our community.

Being a partner with businesses and communities is about weaving a tapestry of mutual support and shared success. It's a commitment to collaborative growth, where the strengths of each partner complement and uplift the other. By forging strong connections, businesses and communities become interdependent forces, working together to achieve common goals. As partners, they inspire a culture of innovation, social responsibility, and prosperity, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond financial success to positively impact the well-being of individuals and the vibrancy of the community. In this partnership, both businesses and communities thrive, driven by a collective spirit of cooperation and a shared vision for a better, more sustainable future.

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